»AnthropoFest« at Tulane University New Orleans, 5.5.2022, licenced and approved as »bureaucratic research and documentation« by Beauty of Oil

The workshop at Tulane University was inspired by the 2019 Beauty of Oil »Bureau of Commodity Flows« (link to the report here) . We are happy to be part of it, at least from the distance !

»AnthropoFest invites festival goers to bring an object at JazzFest and register it to generate a collection that reflects the material culture of Jazz Fest this year. Plastic straw, mango sorbet, sand from the racetrack, or sunscreen: come create this collection! Where did this stuff come from and how does it relate to the Anthropocene— or Age of Humankind? Join us in collecting and creating the 2022 JazzFest AnthropoFest Collection!«

See our certificate displayed in a very nice way on the right top in the black frame.

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