++out now!+++out now!+++ Klose/Steininger: »Atlas of Petromodernity«, translated by Ayça Türkoğlu, Santa Barbara: punctumbooks 2024++out now!+++

It is a pleasure to announce the publication of the English edition of our »Atlas« – updated and extended version with a foreword by Stephanie LeMenager and a new long closing chapter (‘Zombie’) on the Ukraine war and the still not closed case of petromodern destruction.

Open access and paper copies! Download and order the book here!

We stroll through Baku, Rotterdam, and Louisiana, into Manchuria and through the Vienna Basin. We read Bertolt Brecht, technical manuals, and petroculture theory, and we listen to Neil Young. We go to the moon, through refineries and over highways emptied by the COVID-19 pandemic. We confront petrochemistry with petromelancholy, catalysis with catharsis, cosmos with cosmetics. The Atlas of Premodernity tackles the contradictory ambivalences of a substance that has been vital for our epoch, and whose roles and meanings need to be understood in order to be able to leave this epoch behind.

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